UChicago HELP

UChicago HELP

UChicago HELP provides a continuum of care and comprehensive services to holistically support students that may be experiencing difficulties. Through our various services, we educate on University policy, liaise between on and off campus resources, and assist students in finding their own voice. UChicago HELP is a consultative resource to the University community in responding to student needs and concerns.  

In support of the University’s overall commitment to diversity and inclusion, UChicago HELP values empowerment, resiliency, growth and the wellbeing of all of our students. We leverage our expertise to build relationships with campus partners to remove barriers that may impede student success. 

Request a Well-Being Check


Submit a Bias Report

Request Support for an Event

Request a BEST Workshop

Submit a Case Management Referral (Staff Only)

Report a Concern to the Behavioral Intervention Team


The Dean-on-Call is a University administrator who is on call 24/7 and offers support and guidance to students. The Dean-on-Call is the University official responsible for providing referrals, information, and support to students during an emergency.

Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call

The Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call is specifically trained in trauma-informed Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention. This administrator is available 24/7 and provides emotional administrative support to students who are survivors of gender-based violence.

Bias Education and Support Team

The Bias Education and Support Team (BEST) supports students impacted by bias. BEST members ensure bias incidents are properly documented and provide follow-up training and educational opportunities when applicable.

Student Case Management

Student Case Management provides a solutionfocused, holistic, and strengthsbased approach to support students experiencing basic needs challenges, medical concerns, emotional/psychological distress, academic issues, and/or social difficulties.

High-Profile Events

Deans-on-Call and Sexual Assault Deans-on-Call support high-profile events, which include events that involve special security arrangements, have a large number of participants, and/or have the potential to be controversial or attract attention from media outlets. Explore more about high-profile events.

Download the UChicago Safe App

UChicago Safe is a quick and easy way to access safety information.

You can use the app to text the Dean-on-Call or the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call directly.

The app is available to Android and Apple users.

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