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Engaging the Dean-on-Call

The Dean-on-Call can be reached by calling the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) at 773.702.8181.

Please be prepared to leave a call-back number (including country or area code) as UCPD will page the Dean-on-Call for you. If you prefer to text the Dean-on-Call directly, utilize the UChicago Safe App to do so. Once you are in the UChicago Safe App, press the UChicago HELP button.

Students, faculty, staff, family, or friends may contact the Dean-on-Call any time there is a concern or emergency in order to get advice and support in managing the situation. UCPD will contact the Dean-on-Call when UCPD has a report of an incident in which:

    • a student has been the victim of a violent crime, such as a robbery, battery, or assault;
    • there are significant concerns about a student’s health or well-being, such as a serious accident, a fire, or a student has not been seen for some time;
    • a student is engaged in disruptive or dangerous activities, such as loud music or climbing on roofs; or
    • a student is detained or arrested by police.

There may be other incidents reported to UCPD involving a student in which UCPD may determine to notify the Dean-on-Call.

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