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Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call

How can I reach a Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call?

The Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call can be reached by calling UCPD at 773.702.8181. Ask UCPD to page the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call for you. You do not have to provide any identifying information except for a 10-digit call-back number. If you prefer, you can utilize the UChicago Safe App to directly text the Dean-on-Call. Once you are in the UChicago Safe App, press the UChicago HELP button.

Allow 15 minutes for the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call to call you back. The Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The UChicago Safe App is available here:

Are reports to the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call confidential?

The Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call may speak with a student survivor in confidence, and report only to the University that an incident occurred without revealing any personally identifying information. Personally identifying information will only be shared after obtaining the reporting student’s consent. For more information, visit UChicago HELP’s confidentiality page.

What training do Sexual Assault Deans-on-Call receive?

All Sexual Assault Deans-on-Call are specifically trained in trauma-informed 40+ Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention.

Are accommodations available for students who have experienced sexual discrimination or violence?

The Center for Awareness Resolution Education and Support is able to assist in accomodations for students who have experienced sexual discrimination or violence. For more information on possible accommodations, visit the The Center for Awareness, Resolution, Education and Support.




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