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Role and Scope

The role of the Dean-on-Call is both supportive and administrative. The Dean-on-Call tries to inform, comfort, and assist a student.

The Dean-on-Call will answer a student’s questions and can assist with:

    • Finding emotional support;
    • Connecting with Student Wellness;
    • Reporting a crime to the police;
    • Confidentially reporting concerns about a roommate, friend, or fellow student;
    • Identifying community resources for legal assistance;
    • Identifying possible resources to assist in adjusting living arrangements;
    • Helping to connect with academic resources to manage academic obligations;
    • Emphasizing an environment of civility during protests and demonstration involving students;
    • Monitoring and responding to protests, demonstrations, and disruptions, in accordance with the University’s commitment to free expression.

At times, the Dean-on-Call may counsel a student on the potential emotional reactions a student may experience in the coming days and weeks, and recommend seeking professional help and academic support through a student’s Dean of Students Office.

At other times, the Dean-on-Call explains and answers questions about procedures at UChicago Student Wellness, the hospital’s Emergency Department, or UCPD.

The scope of the Dean-on-Call role does not include:

    • Giving legal advice;
    • Giving medical advice;
    • Interfering with law enforcement;
    • Mediating landlord-tenant disputes or any other contractual disputes;
    • Using personal resources to provide students with a place to stay, car rides, or financial assistance.

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