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Bias Education and Support Team (BEST)

What is the Bias Education and Support Team (BEST)?

The Bias Education and Support Team (BEST) is a group of university adminstrators who offer support for student impacted by instances of bias. The role of BEST is supporive and administrative.


How can I report a bias incident?

The University urges anyone who has experienced or witnessed a bias incident to report it to the Bias Education & Support Team (BEST). If you are interested in reporting a bias incident, you may submit a report or contact a BEST member.

How will BEST respond to my report?

For all reports containing contact information, a BEST member will contact the reporting person and if desired, offer a meeting to discuss the incident in detail to explore a plan for resolution. During this meeting, the reporting person can expect to obtain information about related University policies, procedures, and resources. BEST may consult with other offices as needed to ensure a proper response.

What role does BEST serve?

The role of BEST is supportive and administrative. BEST members ensure student(s) who report their experiences of bias are heard throughout the process and understand available options. BEST does not serve as an investigative or displinary body.

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