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Wellness Check 

What is a well-being check?

A well-being check is an informal check in which the Dean-on-Call has a conversation with a student of concern to assess their mental, physical, and social well-being.

Who can request a well-being check?

Anyone who is concerned about a student may request a well-being check. 

When should I ask for a well-being check?

If a student’s behavior is unusual or concerning, if a student has not been seen or heard from in a while, if the student’s physical appearance has changed, or if the student is expressing thoughts of harm to self or others.

How does UChicago HELP adhere to FERPA requirements?

UChicago HELP ensures students’ privacy; this means that only those people who need to know certain information to assist are given the student’s name and other limited information as necessary. FERPA protects a student’s education record but allows for communication with parents and University staff in the event of an emergency or if a student poses a threat to themselves or others.

A student referred to UChicago Student Wellness can establish a collaborative and confidential relationship with a therapist who can help the student learn coping strategies. UChicago Student Wellness is in full compliance with state and federal mental health laws regarding confidentiality.

Who is involved?

The Dean-on-Call will work in consultation with Student Wellness and Housing and Residence Life. UCPD may serve as the Dean-on-Call transport.

What happens after I request a well-being check?

Depending on the circumstances, the Dean-on-Call may text, call, or email the student prior to a face-to-face or in-person visit to the student’s residence.

What if my concern is an emergency?

If your concern is an emergency and you need to speak to someone immediately, please dial 911 or call the University of Chicago Police Department at 773.702.8181.

Can you request a well-being check anonymously?

Anonymous reports are accepted. However, UChicago HELP strongly encourages you to provide your name and contact information in order to allow us to most effectively address the concerning behavior.

Will I be informed about the outcome of any well-being check I request?

In accordance to FERPA requirements, you may not receive any specific information regarding the outcome of the well-being check.

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