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Protests and Demonstrations

Often, the Dean-on-Call will be present at protests, demonstrations, and other events on or adjacent to University property.

When called upon, the Dean-on-Call will work actively to preserve an environment of spirited and open discourse and debate. As part of the University’s Department of Safety and Security, UCPD and/or safety ambassadors may be present to assist the Dean-on-Call. In collaboration with the Department of Safety and Security, the Dean-on-Call will:

    • Provide an opportunity for participants to contribute to intellectual exchange and full engagement in an event.
    • Support the event and event organizers, including protesters.
    • Communicate expectations of University policies, which may include requests to see University identification.
    • Work to ensure a safe environment.

In instances of disruptive behavior or violations of University policies, the Dean-on-Call will respond and provide direct instructions to stop disruption, if it is safe to do so. Failure to adhere to the directives of a Dean-on-Call and any other University staff may result in referral to one or more University disciplinary systems.

At an event, protest or demonstration, the Deans-on-Call will:

    • Introduce themselves by name to event organizers/point persons and explain their role.
    • Remain impartial and provide support and guidance as needed for all event participants.
    • Review expectations and requirements of event, such as approved times for amplified sound and no blocking of ingress and egress from event area.
    • Engage with event participants to answer questions, provide guidance, and issue directives based on University policy.
    • Follow marches to monitor and act on any safety concerns and to provide support.
    • Partner with Department of Safety and Security staff as needed.
    • Be available to accept petitions, statements, or letters on behalf of University leadership.
    • Request to see UChicago Card if confirmation is needed that individual(s) at event are authorized to be on University property.
    • Prepare an incident report after the event if follow-up action is required and/or if there are violations of University policy.

At an event, protest or demonstration, the Deans-on-Call will not:

    • Physically interfere with event activities.
    • Attempt to physically move or remove participants from event location or University property.
    • Intervene in actions of security or law enforcement personnel.
    • Shut down the event, protest, or demonstration.

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