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Privacy and Confidentiality

Student Case Management staff may be licensed mental health professionals, however, their roles with Student Case Management are nonclinical. Student Case Management does not provide psychotherapy or other mental health diagnosis or treatment. Therefore, the information you share with Student Case Management is not subject to the confidentiality laws applicable to a mental health treatment provider (e.g., the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act). If you are seeking mental health services, Student Case Management will refer you to Student Wellness or you can get additional information about the services offered by Student Wellness. 

The information you share with Student Case Management will be kept private and confidential to the extent possible in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Student Case Management may disclose information you provide with other University officials to connect you with resources or to develop or implement a plan to support you while you are experiencing difficulties. There are also instances when Student Case Management will need to share information if you are at risk for hurting yourself or others or as permitted or compelled by law. Student Case Management staff must also comply with their reporting obligations under the University’s Policy on Title IX Sexual Harassment and are not considered “confidential resources” under that Policy. This means that Student Case Management Staff must report a possible incident of sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment), dating violence, domestic violence or stalking that is reported to them. You may review the Title IX Sexual Harassment policy.

The University of Chicago also offers confidential resources such as licensed clinical staff within Student Wellness, the Sexual Assault Dean on Call, and members of the clergy in Spiritual Life. You are welcome to ask a Student Case Management staff member for more information about who to talk with if you would like to discuss something confidentially. More information about the University’s confidential resources is provided by the Student Wellness Center. 

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