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Behavioral Intervention Team

The University’s Behavioral Intervention Team and the Reporting Form are available for anyone to share information about any individual who may be planning or is at risk of engaging in violence, who has planned a violent act, or who may be the intended victim of a violent act.

Threat assessment consists of a process to identify and respond to students, employees (faculty, staff, other academic appointees, and postdoctoral researchers), and others who may pose a danger to themselves or others on campus, and to distinguish them from (1) those who may simply be struggling and in need of assistance and resources from other parts of the University or beyond, and from (2) those whose behavior may be unusual but not threatening or distressed. The mission of the multi-disciplinary Behavioral Intervention Team is to assess concerns that an individual poses, or may reasonably pose, a threat of violence to self, others, or the University community, and to initiate an intervention designed to avert the threat if it exists. The purpose of the Behavioral Intervention Team is to respond appropriately to concerns expressed about behaviors exhibited by anyone—students, employees, tenants, visitors, and unaffiliated persons—before a critical incident so that the campus remains a safe and secure working and learning environment.

For more information, please see the Campus Violence Prevention Policy and Behavioral Intervention Team section of the student manual.


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