UChicago HELP

What is UChicago HELP?

UChicago HELP is a collaborative program within Campus and Student Life made up of a robust set of systems and practices, including some resources that are available 24/7, that support and care for our students. UChicago HELP assists students in navigating academic and personal difficulties, while also ensuring that University community members (such as faculty, staff, and students) can connect students needing help with assistance in a timely manner.

UChicago HELP is comprised of the Dean-on-Call program, the Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call program, Student Case Management and the Bias Education and Support Team (BEST). Additionally, if you are concerned about the physical or mental well-being of a student, you can request a well-being check to the University to assist the student in getting intervention resources and strategy.

How does UChicago HELP adhere to FERPA requirements?

UChicago HELP ensures students’ privacy; this means that only those people who need to know certain information to assist are given the student’s name and other limited information as necessary. FERPA protects a student’s education record but allows for communication with parents and University staff in the event of an emergency or if a student poses a threat to themselves or others.

A student referred to UChicago Student Wellness can establish a collaborative and confidential relationship with a therapist who can help the student learn coping strategies. UChicago Student Wellness is in full compliance with state and federal mental health laws regarding confidentiality.

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